27-29 April 2021 \\ ENSAIT \\ ROUBAIX 
New Generation Textiles & Process

Guest speakers

Pr Marc Van Parys – "Digital - Industry 4.0"

Marc van Parys obtained his PhD in Chemistry and has held professorships at Technical University Ghent, as well as Ghent University. He has been heading the Textile and Research Department at the Textile Training and Development Centre TO2C. Marc is the president of the Belgian Textile Association, Unitex, and founder of textile consultancy, TexZeppelin.

Pr David Quéré – "Interfaces textiles"

David Quéré is senior scientist at CNRS and joint professor at the École Poytechnique. His research field is interfacial hydrodynamics, ranging from surface coating to wetting of textured surfaces, self-propulsion or biomimetism.


Dr Munir Ashraf- "Functional dyes and finishes"

Munir Ashraf is Doctor Engineer in Textiles. He is now Chairman Textile Processing Department National Textile University, Faisalabad. 


Dr Louis Vovelle - "innovation et recherche"

Senior Vice President Innovation and R&D- ELKEM

In the course of his 20 years of experience as R&D director and Vice President in international companies (Rhône-Poulenc, Rhodia, Bluestar), he has developed a sustainable innovation and R&D vision for developing new products and new processes. During the last 8 years an extensive R&D collaborative network has been created supported by Open Innovation with international universities, high schools and clusters in chemistry and materials.